SLAIT Security Webinar Series: Ransomware jail, is there a way out?

Ransomware continues to be a top threat for tech users. ZDNET estimates the cost to IT at $1B this year alone. This pressure has put IT departments on the front line of defense — but how can you prepare for this type of attack? And which solutions are possible given your current budget and IT staff.
For this month’s webinar, we’ve teamed up with Rubrik to learn about these topics and more:
  • Threat: Concerns that IT departments are facing. We’ll stay away from FUD, but life is sometimes scary. 
  • Theory: Nowadays, everyone has backups. So why are people still paying ransoms? (Clue: Complexity) 
  • Solutions: Yes, you can do more than just have a current resume if hit by ransomware. We’ll explore what you can do in this event, along with other unexpected benefits. 

Finally, hear the real-world story of how Langs Building Supply thwarted a major attack using Rubrik Cloud Data Management.

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