SLAIT ThreatManage USM Offering | SLAIT Security Webinar Series

New security vulnerabilities are identified every day and half of all published vulnerabilities are exploited within 10-100 days.  Join us to learn how you can protect your organization with a managed service that provides organizations with a framework to ensure appropriate visibility for security events and application usage. This service will ensure and document compliance with best practice security controls and provide clients with actionable data regarding risks and threats in their environment.

We remove the noise and fatigue of “event overload” and allow your IT organization to focus on high value investigations with the support of the SLAIT Security Operations Center.

ThreatManage USM provides the following key security capabilities:

  • Best practices to build a strategy for monitoring and securing your infrastructure environment
  • Full evaluation and filtering of security events and alerts for infrastructure security devices
  • Security Operations Center with 24×7 monitoring and Severity 1 escalation
  • Advanced threat detection and security risk management to proactively monitor alerts, events, and user activity.


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